School To Adult Services

Preparation for success in adulthood starts long before adulthood arrives.

Favarh's transition program teaches middle and high school students living with developmental disabilities the employment, social and adaptive skills they will need to be successful after they leave their school system. Students 16 and older have the opportunity to volunteer or work in community businesses to gain valuable vocational experiences. 

For students under age 21 who have completed all academic requirements for high school graduation, Favarh offers a Transition Academy as well as being a Project Search provider offering a one-year internship for young adults with disability who are on a path towards independent, competitive employment.

Students age 14 to 21 can participate in Favarh’s summer camp.

All educational, employment and community-based experiences are tailored to the personal choices, preferences and needs of our students, in conjunction with their IEP goals. Most of our participants are placed in our Transition Programs through their local school district.

To learn more, please contact Tammy Annis, Director of Transition Services, via email or at 860.693.6662 Ext. 126