A Healthy and Active Lifestyle

At Favarh, a healthy and active lifestyle is a fundamental component of independence: it builds self-esteem, promotes relationships with others, leads to empowerment and ultimately fuels personal growth.

We are very intentional about encouraging people living with disabilities to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle in each of three major areas - nutrition, physical activity and emotional wellness.

In nutrition, we help participants integrate healthy food choices and meal preparation into their lives, offering culinary exploration, healthy meals programs, gardening, workshops on health topics and health screenings.

Our physical activity programming includes a fitness and movement exercise program, hiking and camping, a gym program and participation in many different Unified Special Olympics sports.

Our commitment to emotional wellness includes mindfulness, behavioral health, enrichment and self-improvement, social connections and the creative arts.

You or your family member can participate in as many or as few of our activities as you want. Click on the different options under A Healthy and Active Lifestyle section to learn about what we offer and when we offer them. You can register through this web site or you can call or email us to register.