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"Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer." - Author Unknown

Volunteers are truly the lifeline of nonprofits and are a necessity for agencies like Favarh. We rely on volunteers for numerous things, but most importantly volunteers enrich the lives of our participants. No matter how much or how little a volunteer spends at Favarh, their presence always makes a difference. Whether time is spent playing on our Unified Sports teams, rehearsing in our Favarh Players theatre program, assisting with fundraising or special events, or working a shift at our Thrift Shop (which is run entirely by volunteers) it will make an impact on the lives and experiences of our participants.

Popular Volunteer Opportunities

  • Unified partners, coaches and chaperones are always welcome

  • Entirely run by volunteers, help by signing up to "work" a shift or act as a sub should someone need last minute coverage

  • Special / Fundraising Events

    Assistance is always needed behind the scenes and on the night of our events