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Mission - Vision - Values

The Mission

To Help Each Person Achieve Their Personal Best.

The Vision

Our Vision is of a future where each person with an intellectual or developmental disability is living in the community and has the supports needed 1) to be a contributing citizen, 2) to live as independently as possible, and 3) to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.


  • Safety

    WE BELIEVE in creating a "Safety First" culture where individuals are provided the right to experience the 'dignity of risk and failure' but where "health & safety" risks are anticipated, planned for, and mitigated.

  • Wellness

    WE BELIEVE it is our responsibility to encourage and foster Healthy and Active Lifestyles by promoting Increased Physical Activity, Improved Nutrition, and Enhanced Emotional Wellbeing.

  • Quality

    WE BELIEVE in creating and maintaining high quality programs, supports, and administrative systems.

  • Leadership Development

    WE BELIEVE in cultivating leadership development at all levels of the organization.

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    WE BELIEVE in incorporating sound fiscal management practices and decision making in all areas.