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In-Home Supports

In-Home Supports

Moving out of a family home into a new one can be a daunting experience and we at Favarh make that transition as seamless as possible, with our In-Home Supports services.

People looking to make this transition will gain the services of a trained and experienced Favarh staff, member who will work with them on life skill development in the comfort of their own home as well as in the community.

Need some help with meal planning? A staff member will assist with the development of a meal plan including locating a healthy recipe to follow, making a shopping list, purchasing the needed items from the local grocery store, proper handling of food item and the actual process of cooking the meal.

Never been on public transportation before? A Favarh staff member will go over bus routes, conduct ride alongs on the bus with you and assist with the transition of riding public transportation independently.

For more information, please contact Bob Sullivan, Residential Services, In-Home-Support Coordinator( or 860.693.6662 Ext. 107)