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For many people with developmental disabilities, paid employment is a defining feature of independence, offering income, participation in the community and a sense of purpose.

The four ways which we offer employment opportunities to people living with developmental disabilities are:

  • Group Supported Employment

    Work on-site, at local food service, retail, distribution center or manufacturing employers as part of a supported crew of four Monday through Friday.

  • Business Services

    Work as part of a supported team of six at an employer worksite or at Favarh providing business services such as scanning and fulfillment.

  • Favarh Small Businesses

    Work as part of a team, typically at Favarh sites, providing services or adding value to products. Small businesses include mailing services, fulfillment, shredding, scanning, light assembly, and landscaping (landscaping services are provided at Favarh properties and at private homes).

  • Independent Employment

    Independent Employment: Favarh matches, trains, places and supports individuals in appropriate competitive jobs.

To learn more, please contact Gail Nebel, Director of Employment Services (email or call 860.693.6662 Ext. 137)