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For many people with developmental disabilities, paid employment is a defining feature of independence, offering income, participation in the community, and a sense of purpose.

Favarh offers employment opportunities for people with disabilities in three different models.

  • Favarh's Pathways Program

    This program is designed to support people who have graduated from school or transition programs who want to explore volunteer job opportunities to enhance their skills before getting a paid work opportunity. After being assessed in the Pathways program, a person would then move to Group-Supported Employment.

  • Group Supported Employment

    The person who qualifies for work in a group setting is supported by a direct support professional. Favarh provides community businesses with a crew of four people to do a variety of jobs including but not limited to packaging, assembly, manufacturing, shredding, janitorial, clerical, processing, and delivering.

  • Independent Employment

    The person who qualifies for independent employment would work with a job coach to create a resume, job search, train, and support the person in an appropriate competitive job. Once employed, the job coach would make regular visits to check in the with person and their employer.

Participants in Favarh's Employment Programs may self-refer or be placed through the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS) or the Connecticut Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS).


To learn more, please contact Gail Nebel, Director of Employment Services (email or call 860.693.6662 ext.137)