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Products and Services

Favarh supports adults with disabilities by providing products and services to businesses and individuals in the following ways:

Favarh Small Businesses: Favarh operates several small businesses that employ adults with disabilities, delivering high quality products and services to local businesses and consumers at a fair cost.  Favarh's small businesses include:

  • Contract services such as document scanning, shredding, and mailing services.
  • Landscaping services such as spring and fall cleanups, lawn mowing ,and weeding.
  • The Favarh Thrift Store for which donated clothes and goods are prepared to be resold

Job Placement: Favarh places and supports groups of adults and individuals with disabilities in work at employer locations.  Favarh works with area employers to match worker skills with employer needs.  Once adults with disabilities are placed in a work setting, Favarh provides ongoing job support to ensure employer satisfaction.  Employers report that there are many benefits of engaging adults with disabilities.  

These businesses and placements provide participants with the chance to receive gainful community employment while providing that same community with quality products and services.

In addition, the Favarh Thrift Store provides important financial funding for Favarh programs, with all net proceeds from the store going to support the full range of Favarh services.