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Group Homes

Group Homes

For most people, home is a sense of safety, community and comfort.  Favarh's eight group homes emphasize all of these characteristics and more.  Group homes are typically arranged with as few as three and as many as six residents and are staffed 24 hours a day.  

All of our group homes are arranged and maintained witih safety as a priority.  Residential staff and Favarh's maintenance manager provide routine checks, fixes and updates to ensure each property is in peak living condition.  If needed, professional assistance is contracted and more elaborate issues are dealt with in a timely fashion.  All of our group homes strive to make residents feel as comfortable as possible, but we understand that a key to a happy home is involvement in the community.  Staff encourage residents to explore passions, engage in outings and participate in a wide variety of community events, locally and abroad.  Even though a group home is a communal living arrangement, residents individiualize their own living space the way they want it to look and feel.  They are also encouraged to participate their ideas and preferences throughout the home in each communal area.

We strive to help people obtain as much independence as possible at Favarh and our group homes are no exception.  We assist residents with life skill development by identifying and implementing programs for each individual resident based on areas of need and/or interest.  This could be a cooking program, laundry preparation, hygiene, gardening, or anything else the resident needs a little extra help with.

To learn more, please contact Patricia Nadeau, Director of Residential Services (  or  860.693.6662 Ext. 106)