Overview for Employers

Favarh places and supports adults with disabilities in a range of jobs and a range of skills in three different ways:

  • Group supported employment: Adults with disabilities provide services at an employer's worksite.  Job functions include food service, light assembly, stocking, pick and pack fulfillment, and janitorial work.
  • Contract services: Area employers contract Favarh to provide business services such as mailing, fulfillment, light assembly, confidential document shredding, and document scanning.  All services are provided by adults with disabilities, and supported by Favarh job coaches.
  • Individual employment: Many of the adults we serve have the skills to succeed in a supportive competitive environment.  Favarh matches, trains, places and supports those individuals in appropriate competitive jobs, such as back office or cashier work.

Benefits of supporting employment for adults with disabilities:

  • Allows employers to reassign existing staff from repetitious tasks to work that is more commensurate to their pay grades.
  • Provided employers with contractors or employees with a high level of reliability, dedication, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Is highly cost effective and hassle-free for employers and businesses.  
    • Most services offered by Favarh's Contract Services unit are provided on a piece-rated basis.  Others, such as document shredding, are invoiced on a per-pound basis.  
    • Group supported employment provides high quality work for which employer payment is capped at minimum wage.
    • For group supported employment and contracted services, Favarh acts as vendor, invoicing employers for hours worked.  Favarh, in turn, pays worker wages.  Favarh also provides workers’ compensation and liability insurance.
  • Provides the opportunity for adults with disabilities to experience the fulfillment of work, make a productive contribution to their community and economy, and generate income for themselves.

Learn more by reading our Employment Booklet

For more information on how hiring people with disabilities can benefit your business, please contact Gail Nebel, Director of Employment Services, via email or at 860.693.6662 Ext. 137 or William Neagus, Business Developer, via email or at or 860.693.6662 Ext. 120.