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People have different levels of independence and for those people who can live more independently, Favarh assists with the locating, roommate pairing and leasing of apartments in the Farmington Valley. Once all those factors are in place Favarh provides staffing services based on the need level of the individual. Someone with a high level of independence may only need a few hours of staffing support each week, whereas another person may need a higher amount of support hours.

With Favarh's support, more than 20 people are living independently with partial staffing supports in two affordable apartment complexes in the Farmington Valley in single, double and triple apartments.

Having multiple apartments within only two complexes, or Cluster Living, provides people with a built-in social group. It is a common weekend event for one apartment to host the residents of other apartments in the complex for a movie night.

Cluster Living also allows for the sharing of resources across all of the apartments in the complex. This is useful because even though someone with a high level of independence may not need staffing support, should an emergency arise, more times than not there is a Favarh staff member on the premises assisting another person who can be contacted to deal with the emergency.

Even though a person possesses enough independency to live on their own or with a roommate, they still may require some additional assistance around daily life skills. Favarh's staff members work with residents, individually or in a group setting, to further develop these skills and cultivate each person's independence.

Favarh's unique approach to Cluster Living allows residents to have a greater sense of safety, community and independence.

For more information, please contact Bob Sullivan( or 860.693.6662 Ext. 107)