Scott's Corner

The Dangers of Plastic-Foam Containers
By Scott Masson

Plastic-foam containers have been around for many years. We use them to store our food and restaurants and catering businesses all around the world use them so customers can carry their leftovers home. But these containers are made with chemicals like styrene; chemicals linked to cancer.

Because our foods are exposed to the chemicals in plastic-foam, there can be a devastating effect on our nervous systems, memory and concentration, vision and hearing. But it’s not just we humans who are threatened by plastic foam. The environment is also threatened when plastic foam is disposed of at landfills or tossed in the sea, endangering land animals as well as fish and sea mammals.

Plastic foam pollutes our oceans. Many people just don’t realize how harmful plastic-foam containers and plastic bags are to the ocean. But they aren’t the only plastic articles that are harmful to the oceans: so are plastic straws. Estimates are that plastic-foam containers, plastic bags and straws could take as long as a million years to decompose.

We humans must become more aware of these hazards to our environment, especially the impact on our beloved animals. The fewer plastic bags and plastic-foam containers we use, the better off the environment will be.

I’m all for banning plastic-foam containers and plastic bags. Who’s with me? We need to protect our environment not harm it. So the next time you’re eating out or just picking up something from the grocery store think about what you’re using and stop yourself from doing it. Do the right thing and don’t use these harmful products!!!!

Let’s Save Earth, our Home !!!!.