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Frequently Asked Questions COVID-19

Is Favarh open for business?

Favarh employees provide an essential service to people with IDD and therefore Favarh will remain open. However, some of our programs were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic until further notice. Please see our new Reopening Plan for details about our three-phases of reopenings as they relate to specific programs. Favarh’s main office at 225 Commerce Drive will be staffed from 8AM-4PM, Monday - Friday. Per recommendations, we are limiting the number of people gathered inside the office building.

Are Recreation, Day, Board of Education, Employment and Transportation Programs still open?

Favarh had closed these facility-based programs beginning 3/17/2020 and now has plans for program reopenings. See our Reopening Plan for details.

Is the Favarh's Theater program still open?

Favarh Theater Program has been cancelled for the 2020 season. Program members have been meeting online via zoom meetings.

Is the Favarh Thrift Shop open?

The Favarh Thrift Shop re-opened on June 2, 2020.

Are you accepting donations for the Thrift Shop?

Yes! But only at our drop-off bin located at 225 Commerce Drive, Canton CT 06019. We have discontinued accepting donations at the shop on Albany Avenue during this period. Please do not leave any donations there.

How can I make a monetary donation to Favarh?

We've never needed donations more than now! Favarh is accepting donations online at and by mail: Favarh, 225 Commerce Drive, Canton CT 06019. Donations can also be made by phone at 860.693.6662 x 116.

How is Favarh supporting Residential Program Participants through the pandemic?

Group homes and apartments are being supported by both Favarh day and residential staff around the clock. All group home and apartment residents were placed in Shelter-in-place as of 3/17/2020 and we plan to gradually lift these restrictions in phases starting on 7/15/2020.  Details can be found in our Reopening Plan.

How is Favarh ensuring the safety and well-being of its participants and staff?

Favarh is following all recommended guidelines established by the national Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Connecticut’s Department of Disability Services (DDS). Specific steps taken by Favarh are detailed online in Favarh’s at

Has the pandemic impacted the timeline for the completion of Bear Woods Apartments? 

Work on the Bear Woods apartment building continues but progress has slowed because of various obstacles including the current national crisis. While construction is an essential business, supply chains and labor have been impacted. Our latest “estimate” on the completion of the building is mid-August. Once the building is completed, town approvals and clearance from DDS still need to occur. Because of all of this, it’s hard to say when the actual move-in date will be but we’re hoping it will be sometime this summer, 2020.

I have questions. Who can I call?

Please call the main office with any questions and select the appropriate office extension on your dial. 860-693-6662