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  • Mike Kijak - Plant Manager for Legrand Wiremold

    "Using our crew to do the repetitive aspects of our operation isn't just cost effective; it gets the job done in a way that boosts everyone's spirits."

  • Bill Joyce - Personnel and Accounting Manager for Rowley Spring & Stamping

    "The crew light up the room every day with their energy and their enthusiasm. We all feel lucky to have them as part of the Rowley Family."

  • Annette Doyle - Manager of Assembly for Trumpf

    "Look at your stainless steel fridge at home; it may have been made by a machine that has gone through the hands of our workers with developmental disabilities. This says a lot about their value as workers."

  • Heather Gombos - Vice President of Operations for Microcare

    "It has allowed us to better utilize our existing staff on more intricate work. It means we don't have to hire temp workers to do the more routine, repetitive work."