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Staffing Solutions

Favarh strives to help each individual achieve his or her personal best in all aspects of life.  You can help us toward achieving this mission as we work together to provide our workers meaningful employment opportunities, supplying businesses and the community with quality work and services.

Below, you will find brief descriptions of the unique approaches Favarh takes in collaborating with businesses and the community in an effort to beneift all involved.

  • Group Supported Employment (GSE)

    Small group of 4 or more Favarh workers overseen by 1 Favarh Job Coach. Workers are able to perform a variety of tasks and assignments while adhering to the quality standards of the employer

  • Individual Placement / Direct Hire

    1 to 1 Initial Job Coaching
    Intermittent Ongoing Supports
    Placed on Company's Payroll

  • Micro Businesses and Services

    Favarh-Run Businesses and Services employ Favarh Workers while providing quality goods and services to businesses and community members.
    The following are examples of our Micro Businesses and Services. Click on the item to learn more.
    - Firewood Delivery
    - Landscaping Services
    - Bulk Mailing
    - Document Shredding and/or Scanning

  • View our employment booklet.